Powerful GPS asset tracking software

With iTrackers you can deliver efficiency and uncompromised
security of your assets even if taken to the most remote locations.
Streamline manual operations. Make data-driven decisions.

GPS & 4G Cat-M1 Tracking – as accurate as it gets

Whether you have 1 or 1,000 assets, instantly know where your assets are
in real-time thanks to our web tracking platform and phone app.
Obtain coordinates, speeds and directions with the highest precision and
don’t let remote areas or concrete jungle stop you from pinning the exact location.

to the past

Playback trips and events from the past 90 days to see what might have been missed in real time. Reproduce the routes.

Track and manage
multiple assets

Filter assets to swiftly search needed ones, group them into clusters for easy viewing on the map.

real-time positioning

Accurately know where your assets are all over Australia thanks to GPS & GLONASS satellites and Telstra's 4G Cat-M1 network.

Grant multiple
staff asset visibility

Easily create sub accounts to give access to various staff members.
Assign permissions as required.

Real-time Telemetry Data

Seconds matter when it comes to high-value assets. Be empowered with realtime visibility:

Battery life
Engine hours
OBD2 and CAN


Protect vehicles and equipment from
unauthorized use or theft by sheltering them
with a virtual fencing. Deliver automatic
notifications via SMS and email when the
asset leaves the perimeter. Respond faster
and recover misused assets.

Alerts on everything important

Instantly learn about key events, react to changes on time with
instant automatic alarms via email and SMS. Customize notifications


GPS connection lost

4G Cat-M1 connection lost


Route deviations

Geofence entrance/exit

Low battery


Discover our GPS asset tracking devices

The Defender is hardwired to the asset battery
for real time tracking. Perfect for fleet management.

The Buddy is a portable, rechargeable device
which is ideal for tracking non-powered assets.

We offer discounts for volume orders. Contact us for a quote.

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